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If anyone working for Digg still cares, PLEASE fix this (2nd request)

Dear Digg:

Your (our) site is sinking. This spam is getting way out of hand. For nearly 40 minutes 50 minutes 1 hour at the time of this post, you have been attacked in a way that is beyond a joke. Your front page which is visited by thousands of people per hour is littered with complete trash. There’s no more laughter coming from anyone.

This is sad.

Bloggers, publishers, and other social media sites are watching uncomfortably at a tragic decline in a once-mighty website and everyone outside of the Digg building and perhaps the elite advisers (Michael, Pete, and Leo) can see clear as day that there are two extremely simple and obvious solutions that are being ignored.

  1. Moderate. Please. I would be willing to donate members of my staff to watch the site 24/7 for free. We are so passionate about the success of Digg (perhaps more passionate than you guys) that we would volunteer 24/7 monitoring to prevent this from happening.
  2. Bring back the bury button. The report button only works if someone on the other end looks at the website itself (the address is in case they aren’t sure).

Please show some pride. You’re embarrassing us all.

I am a diehard fan of the site but at this point I cannot express my disgust. You have people willing to help. Your lack of action when 2 easy solutions are volunteered to you leads me to only one conclusion.

You must want to fail. You’re tired. You’ve worked hard for over 5 years. Perhaps you are attempting to tank the site to spite your investors. Whatever it is, please pull yourself together.

My offer stands. You know how to contact me.

Still, I would prefer if you just bring the damned bury button back. It would be much easier.


This idea proposed in the comments on the Digg thread by Internetish makes sense:

"Won’t support the option for a bury button cause its meant to be gamed.
Perhaps the report button can be made more useful.
I suggest that some active members of the website are chosen as moderators so that whenever is report button is used they are notified and can vote if the story is meant to be removed or not. In case someone appeals against its removal then the number of votes required for its removal are increased. That way moderation will work very well.”

FYI: At the time of this update, we’re at 1 hour, 21 minutes and the spam is still on the Top News page.